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The Calling Endgame Series Book 1.

She was a short, petite blonde girl with a big smile. Were you happy, neutral, or sad? But that is no longer the case. What less evident was how I do this. Especially that last one—oh, women, the glorious women, and the promise of magic powers over them by a guy who spent most of his teenage years casting his eyes at a beautiful femme only to be stopped by a thought:.

I will most definitely come up with questions, but for now, I just wanna let it sink it. This exclusive seminar, presented in the grounds of the prestigious University of Sydney, was closed to all but a select group of Attraction Institute workshop graduates.

But after years investigation, testing, false starts, failing, and starting all over again, it all fell into place:. How do you put a value on being able to be free, open, happy, and fulfilled for the next 30 — 50 years of your life? Practical Endgame Play – Mastering the Basics: It is great read so far, feels more like a story than a self help guide. Endgame will give you the core level of understanding and self-awareness necessary to build the powerful and solid inner core strength that will have you searching for your insecurities rather than running from them.

I knew what to do to take charge of my life. Building myself and caring more for myself than any other time in my life. Similar to Iron John and with parables uttered by wise men many years ago, EndGame is a story. I just wanted to tell you how thankful the world should be to have someone like you. After spending years of my life searching outside for the answers, I made a challenging and scary decision: Law of Attraction Love, Law of Attractio. I knew how to stand in front of a beautiful woman and not lose myself inside her beauty and charm so I could stay the grounded and powerful Man she desired.

I started with Masculinity work but it just let me with more questions than answers. You want to know the secret?

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Well… Up until a point. But after years investigation, testing, false starts, failing, and starting all over again, it all fell into place: Lukasz Czaru so many fake sites. Now, it would be pointless to write down all the details of how each and every week after that was like for me. Thank you so much for writing a book like this. More of whatever mojo he was on. Hey my name is Waleed and let me tell you, Endgame really did change my life.

Leigh my dear friend.

Just kinda trying every single thing. What are you into this for?

There were so many unanswered questions. But, since applying the concepts in the new Endgame, I can truly say that my life is changed.

My life has changed dramatically because of yours, your efforts will never be forgotten as long as i live: The more I dug, the more I found. After trying to explain every intricate detail, over and over again, I decided it would be far easier and far simpler to put it all into one book that answered all their questions and problems and helped them….

But if you have ever wondered if this PU stuff can be done in any other way than some geeky high school science project, get this book, create a life for yourself, enjoy yourself and take it from there.

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I guess I needed to experience it myself to really get it. And even if you did do that, what kind of women would you attract? Even those pickup artist guys know that. I hope you have found all the happiness you truly deserve. And after that I could implement almost all the changes. So you guys usually just dismiss it. Take the time to read this book… the benefits will be extend for far longer. You obviously want women.

How to Become the Kind of Man that Naturally Attracts Women

I stand behind my promise that Endgame is the most powerful dating and relationship book ever written. I have had more women in my life from the past two months when I found AI then I have all year. I wanted her to come home with me. No wonder I was struggling with my openers and my techniques. I wanted her to see that I was fun, outgoing, playful, and had the kind of life that she wanted to be a part of, I guess.