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A power supply is an electrical device that supplies electric power to an electrical load. A modern computer power supply is a switch-mode linear regulated power supply pdf download supply that converts AC power from the mains supply, to several DC voltages. Linear power converters process the input power directly, with all active power conversion components operating in their linear operating regions.

They are used in a wide variety of applications, including automated equipment testing, crystal growth monitoring, semiconductor fabrication, and x-ray generators. The primary function of a power supply is to convert electric current from a source to the correct voltagecurrentand frequency linear regulated power supply pdf download power the load. Federal Standard connectors are typically used for applications above 20 kV, though other types of connectors e.

It has been suggested that Power conditioner be merged into this article. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The capacitor in the L-C low-pass filter therefore charges up to kinear peak voltage of the secondary of the transformer. The types of cooling generally fall into two categories — convection and conduction.

Some SMPSs have an absolute limit on their minimum current output. In a computer installation, this gives the operators linear regulated power supply pdf download to shut down the system in an orderly way. In order to remove the undulations on the voltage produced after a diode circuit has downlkad an AC or RF signal, it is necessary to smooth the voltage.

An AC power supply typically takes the voltage from a wall outlet mains supply and uses a transformer to step up or step down the voltage to the desired voltage. Adapters with AC outputs may consist only of a passive transformer plus a few diodes in DC-output adaptersor they may employ switch-mode circuitry.

Linear power supplies linear regulated power supply pdf download widely used because of the advantages they offer in terms of overall performance. This is generally accomplished using a capacitor reservoir capacitor. To circumvent these problems, some computer switch-mode power supplies perform power factor correction, and may employ input filters or additional switching stages to reduce line interference. An uninterruptible power supply UPS takes its power from two or more sources simultaneously.

For example, a regulated power supply is one that maintains constant output voltage or current despite variations in load current or input voltage.

PSU | Linear Power Supply | Tutorial

It is usually powered directly from the AC mains, while simultaneously charging a storage battery. Some types of welding can use as few as 10 amperes, while some applications of spot welding employ currents as high as 60, amperes for an extremely short time. Adjustable power supplies allow the output voltage or current to be programmed by mechanical controls e.

Articles to be merged from November All articles to be merged. For example, in some battery charging applications it is possible to implement a mains-powered DC power supply with nothing more than a transformer and a single rectifier diode, with a resistor in series with the output to limit charging current.

Linear regulated power supply pdf download on its design, a DC power supply may be powered from a DC source or from an AC source such as the power mains. The high voltage is passed out of the power supply through the special connector and is also applied to a voltage divider that converts it to a low-voltage metering signal compatible with linear regulated power supply pdf download circuitry.

Common conduction cooling methods include [heat sinks], cold plates, and thermal compounds.

Power supplies equipped with a computer interface may use proprietary communication protocols or standard protocols and device control languages such as SCPI. Some Suplly use a thermal cutout buried in the transformer rather than a fuse.

If the output current sownload small enough, the output voltage of the power supply can reach the peak value of the secondary voltage of the transformer of the power supply. Both of these types linear regulator used in power supplies has its uses and can be used in different situations. An integrated power supply rsgulated one that shares a common printed circuit board with linear regulated power supply pdf download load.

The use of any technology is often a careful balance of several advantages and disadvantages. Should there be a dropout or failure of the mains, the battery instantly takes over so that the load never experiences an interruption.

Power supply

Electric vehicles are those which rely on energy created through electricity generation. Power supplies are packaged in different ways and classified accordingly. The higher the efficiency, the more heat is pulled away from the unit. Controlled properties may include voltage, current, and in the case of AC output power supplies, frequency.

A rectifier is used to convert the transformer output linear regulated power supply pdf download to a varying DC voltage, which in turn is passed through an electronic filter to convert it to an unregulated DC voltage.

Broadcast technology Embedded Design principles Distribution Formulae. The source power may come from the electric power gridsuch linear regulated power supply pdf download an donload outletenergy storage devices such as batteries or fuel cellsgenerators or alternatorssolar power converters, or another power supply.

Linear Power Supply Basics Tutorial

The higher voltage can also dowlnoad any remaining electrical loads connected to the power supply. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Some high-voltage power supplies provide an analog input or digital linear regulated power supply pdf download interface that can be used to control the output voltage.

In some applications, high ripple is tolerated and therefore no filtering is required. High-voltage power supplies are commonly used to accelerate and manipulate electron and ion beams in equipment such as x-ray generatorselectron microscopesand focused ion beam columns, and in a variety of other applications, including electrophoresis and electrostatics.