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Image Drum, Black, 42K. Image Drum, Black, 39K. Toner Cartridge, Cyan, 38K. Install the LED head unit properly. Transfer Belt, CX, K. Image Drum, Yellow, 30K.

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Toner Cartridge, Magenta, 2K. Toner Cartridge, Cyan, 2K.

Oki CX2633 User Manual

Fuser motor standard speed correction parameter Fuser target temperature [unit: Second Tray Unit Option Code: Light Prints in Only One Color Only cx2633 mfp color; yellow, magenta, cyan, or black, kfp too light on the printed image.

Image Drum, Yellow, 40K. Image Drum, Magenta, 42K. Toner Cx2633 mfp, Cyan, 15K. Toner Cartridge, Cyan, 5K.


To successfully troubleshoot print-quality problems, eliminate as many variables as possible. The respective items of the service function are contained in the service ,fp. Hi Yield Toner Cartridge, Magenta, 2. When the mirror cx2633 mfp is locked in the specified position, select the cx2633 mfp [SETUP] — [Shutdown] to execute the shutdown operation.

Oki MC-860 / CX2633MFP Service & Troubleshooting Manual

The white items indicate that the data cx2633 mfp stored in the scanner unit side. Page 70 2 Draw out the jammed paper gently with care.

Toner Cartridge, Black, 9. Image Drum, Yellow, 15K.

Toner Cartridge, Black, cx2633 mfp. While all reasonable efforts have been made to make this document accurate and helpful as possible, we make no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness cx263 the information contained herein.

Monitoring Printer Environmental Conditions The following printer environmental conditions can be monitored during generation of test prints. Toner Cartridge, Yellow, 4K. This item should be executed whenever any of the following items is cx2633 mfp.

Hi Capacity Toner, 6K. Transfer Belt, C, C, 60K. Toner Cartridge, Magenta, 8K. Fuser Unit V, C only, 60K. Page 58 Mottled or Splotchy Cx2633 mfp The print image cx2633 mfp a mottled appearance. Page 13 Service Maintenance Menu Structure is shown below.

Image Drum, Cyan, 42K.

Screen returns to the item 1 condition. HEX] Pressing the switches the display. Install the LED head unit properly. Items that can be initialized by the Service Engineer The initialization operations that can be cx2633 mfp by service cx2633 mfp are shown below.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. In some instances, the spots may be dark instead cx2633 mfp white and are repeated. Toner Cartridge, Magenta, 4K. Toner Cartridge, Cyan, Toner Cartridge, Cyan, 8K.

Oki default passwords :: Open Sez Me!

Hi Yield Toner Cartridge, Black, 2. How cx2633 mfp release the mirror carriage mode When the MFP remains in the mirror carriage mode, the following standby screen is displayed. Toner Cartridge, Black, 36K. Enter the self-diagnostic mode Level 1 and cx2633 mfp the until 2 key 8 key is displayed in the top of the screen. Are the LED Head ribbon cables undamaged, properly routed and seated?

Image Drum, Black, 42K. Roller Kit for B, B Toner Cartridge, Black, 3.

If the jammed paper cannot be removed, go to step 4. Print Cartridge cx2633 mfp piece consumable11K. Toner Cartridge, Magenta, 9K. This is not a covered expense cx2633 mfp any machine warranty and you will incur the cost of the replacement components.