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Push firmly until the toner cartridge is fully seated and the handle springs slightly back. Using two hands one on each side of the tray , hold the paper tray so that the paper tray guide is facing front. Use Text to copy documents containing mostly text. Otherwise, it may become damaged and will have a serious effect on the print quality. This means that after a certain period of use, these parts will need to be replaced. More Cleaning Drum Cartridge.

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Installing the Paper Tray 1. Don’t show me this message again.

The paper tray xerox xk35c overstacked. Removing the Protective Paper from the Drum Cartridge attached, carefully remove the cardboard from the drum cartridge. Press the Copy Quality xk3c button to exit. Gently insert the toner cartridge inside the WorkCentre.

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Shielded cables must be used with this equipment to maintain compliance with Xerox xk35c regulations. If the J2 code is still present, repeat the process. Suggested Solution The machine is in the program mode. Cleaning the Document Glass and Cover Keeping the document glass clean helps ensure the best possible copies.

Materiali di consumo Vendita toner, inchiostri e accessori Carta e altri supporti di stampa Genuine Xerox Rewards Programmi di riciclo Toner per stampanti non Xerox. If the xerox xk35c cannot be solved by carrying out the instructions given below, xerox xk35c to this User Guide Introduction.

Push the paper release lever back again xerox xk35c secure the paper. Page 9 Safety Notes continued Never spill liquid of xerox xk35c kind on the copier. Make sure not to leave any torn pieces of paper in the WorkCentre. Paper Trail Edge Void 4 can be turned off to accommodate originals that have print to the very bottom edge.

Xerox – Support e Driver: Elenco A-Z di tutti i prodotti

If your store xerox xk35c not stock these items, you may call xerox xk35c following number. To order supplies for your WorkCentre, call or visit your local retailer. You must hold in the xerox xk35c indicated and close the door at the same time. Lift the document cover so that the left hinge separates.

Remove any paper that may be inside the WorkCentre. Page 36 Problem The three trouble indicators are flashing in the copier diagram. Consumables Consumables Replacement of drum cartridges, toner cartridges, and other supplies are customer xerox xk35c responsibilities and are not covered by the warranty.

Do not use envelopes that: The WorkCentre cannot be shipped for service without the authorization of a service representative. Straighten the edges of the stack of paper and then reinsert it into the paper tray. Make sure that you meet the following requirements when you set up or move the WorkCentre.

Supporto e Driver Domande frequenti Servizi di formazione e consulenza Informazioni sulla sicurezza.

Install the toner cartridge. Page 58 Service after your three year warranty expires When your three year warranty expires, you can xerox xk35c Xerox post warranty coverage maintenance agreements by calling TEAM-XRX Click on Start 2.

Assistenza per le attrezzature Dove acquistare Lavora con noi Riciclo Case studies. Please use one of the following methods depending on your operating system. Ensure that the WorkCentre power is on. Never defeat interlock switches. Xerox suggests that xerox xk35c clean the document glass at the start of each day and during the day as needed. Press the Clear button to continue making other changes. Contatti Contatti Dove acquistare. Storage, Replacing The Toner Cartridge Storage The toner cartridge xerox xk35c drum cartridge should always be stored in sealed opaque bags to protect them from direct sunlight.

Never remove covers or guards that require a tool for removal. Assistenza per xerox xk35c attrezzature Dove acquistare Lavora con noi Riciclo Case studies.

We recommend you call 90 days prior to warranty expiration to ensure continuous Unless otherwise programmed, xkk35c Normal Copy settings are as follows: Insert the paper tray into the paper tray slots at the rear of the WorkCentre.

Replacement service is only available during the first two years xerox xk35c the warranty period; WorkCentre Fault Codes Fault codes are listed below. This plug will fit only xerox xk35c a xerox xk35c power outlet.

Half of the page is blank. Properties Tabs, On-line Help It also provides troubleshooting information, in case you should run into any xerox xk35c. Help the environment by recycling your used toner cartridge. Use the recycle sticker packed with the toner cartridge for instructions on returning the used toner exrox to Xerox. Place the original face down xegox the document glass.

Risorse aggiuntive Xerox xk35c prodotti Soluzioni per le piccole imprese Toner e inchiostro Diventate xerox xk35c. The current page will finish printing, then the copy job will start. The unit that needs service must be packed and returned to us.

Service after your three year warranty expires When your three year warranty expires, you can obtain Xerox post warranty coverage maintenance agreements xerox xk35c calling TEAM-XRX