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Check memory modules, try reseating them. It has been spilled with water after that it doesnt boot up but the power indicator would light up even I after I dried it up many times. Separate the top cover from the base assembly. I guess my questions are 1. If the keyboard fails in both BIOS and Windows, I rally cannot tell without testing the laptop with another working keyboard. I need to reset the BIOS password.

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Currently it works with an external 300, so I bought a second hand screen and replaced the other 1. The touchpad mouse is not working, but if I attach another mouse, it works fine. Powered by Zen Cart.

This Acer system uses any of 3 different power boards. Hi, got and reinstalled windows but now the webcam does not work the light comes on but its just a grey square where the webcam picture should be. I have an ACERfor several months now the touch-pad has not worked, I have checked that the software is loaded O. I am reformatting it because I suspect a virus is causing boot issues — it freezes everytime at the windows start up logo screen and acer aspire 3100 bl51 will not work either — please help me?

I have checked the device manager and both devices are running properly…I have uninstalled them and reinstalled them through the device manager…. From building had ram and 6 months before I upgrade to 2GB ram and acer aspire 3100 bl51 perfectly. During this process there is no bios screen or anything else that acer aspire 3100 bl51 up on the monitor — it stays black.

I have acer aspire 3100 bl51 weird situation with my acer Assumed a driver issue so installed latest drivers but to no avail. I dont want to go on a buy a whole new screen if the back of the computer is broke now. Most likely you damaged the motherboard and it has to be replaced. What do you mean by it hangs and I have to disconnect the power cord, the battery, and wait for a few minutes. I belive my processor is the TL In addition, when this first happened I was led to believe that it was probably a bad processor due to overheating.

First of all make sure your problem is not related to software. This relates to my question 98 and your response Thanks Catani84 for your suggestion. What can I do?? Start in safe mode.

Try this fix from Microsoft. I am running out of time. Should i be worried about passwords or anything?

Once the power button is pushed, the laptop dies again. With a failed inverter you should get at lease a very faint image.

Try removing modules one by one and test the laptop acer aspire 3100 bl51 each one separately. Disconnect all cables found under the keyboard. Is the bios the problem or my motherboard? When the keyboard on a laptop that is prctically brand new goes out and it is a motherboard issue, that only suggests one thing to me, and others Acer aspire 3100 bl51 am sure, and that would be that your laptop is a waste of my hard earned money as well as my time in even considering the purchase!

Taking apart Acer Aspire – Inside my laptop

Thanks for the help. After putting everything back together, the computer started to work fine.

If not, I would take the laptop to a professional repair shop. L, D, D, D I will try flashing the bios next. Check out other downloads available for your laptop, maybe Acer issued some kind of update which improves the system performance.

Taking apart Acer Aspire 5100

Maybe you have a similar shortcut on your keyboard? My research shows I should replace memory i did get a memory message about 30 minutes before this started or the video card. Laptop was loading acer aspire 3100 bl51 service pack 3 and upon restart went through startup sequence and stopped at window login.

Anyone else have this problem? I have considered changing both the RAM and graphics card, could you suggest acer aspire 3100 bl51 possible replacement for the graphics? If you can, you might have a software related problem. My xcer guess would be that the next file is trashed. My question is, what would be best?

G Emachines G Series: Test your laptop with an external monitor.