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The Youtube link from Accommodation above is the best solution. Wolfgang Wagner January 23, Kenny June 17, I did go ahead and purchase another used Toshiba LD just for a back up, from Ebay, will be here next week, Always can use back ups. Laptop is up and running again! S R Shaw December 21,

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When you squeeze the support brick and back side of the connector not broken wallit will apply pressure on the ribbon cable and will help to toshiba satellite l455 s5000 a good contact with the connectors. However, by placing the broken clip firmly into place and confirming the keyboard fuctions while holding s500 clip in place, I was able to use a hot glue gun to secure the clip in place and not worried about it slipping out.

If an external keyboard is attached to the notebook, either directly or via a docking station or a port-replicator, toshiba satellite l455 s5000 it. I am not sure who gets this msg.

Cappy December 6, A million thank yous. Forgot to include that I have a Toshiba Satellite which is now in full working toshiba satellite l455 s5000 — thanks to this site and my lovely bloke who repaired it for me. M with standard type ac adapter plug tip Note: Tosihba, D, D, D Note: Agnes March 22, Kandasoo July 16, Edcompsci August 14, Because of your website, I found out that I was putting the ribbon on the wrong side of the bracket.

How to fix broken keyboard connector

Changes to some of the settings will require re-starting the computer. So, there is nothing left to secure the ribbon with. I doubt you can buy it separately. G Emachines G Series: Powered by Zen Cart.

How to fix broken keyboard connector | Laptop Repair

I am toshiba satellite l455 s5000 sure s500 removing this cover will free the connector. I got an Acer One Happy 2 which i broke the black connector part and based the above example i improvised using laminated plastic for documents lamination with double sided tapes above the sticky tape which i used to keep the black connector in place to use for applying pressure onto after the keyboard is installed back.

I say stellite information is invaluable. This Acer system uses any of 3 different power boards. Please advise me or arrange a mother board lining diagram toshiba satellite l455 s5000 the above stated damaged zone.

The only difference — the keyboard cable is routed under the locking clip. No soldering is needed, just toshiba satellite l455 s5000 it carefully.

But after connecting, the keyboard is behaving strangely:. Kandi January toshiba satellite l455 s5000, The laptop connected to the mains, the battery flashes voyaynt a dozen times without result. How easy is to repair that. I spent over two hours trying to devise some way to accomodate for the broken keyboard satellite clip on my Inspiron We staellite on the verge of giving up, thinking that a connector should be attached to the ribbon, instead of the black plastic strip.

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Cut a rectangular wood or plastic piece with toshiba satellite l455 s5000 same length as the ribbon cable. I kept contacting Dell and they would send me toshiba satellite l455 s5000 new keyboard. This information really helped me repair a broken connector pin.

Maybe it will be enough to make a good connection with the ribbon cable. Joshua Roland, I doubt you can purchase these parts separately. Mary April 17, Donna June 22, Dave February 28,