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Disconnect one cable 2 on the right side of the printer. Disconnect the fan cable 1 at the ECU. Toner Missing Reinsert the print cartridge in the printer. Place the end cap over the shaft on the left side, push the end cap to the right, and rotate the tab downward into position. On the Windows task bar, click Start, click Settings, and then click Printers. The loaded paper or other media is not supported. Page Remove two screws 2.

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Page With both hands, grasp the side of the media that is most visible this includes the middleand carefully pull it free from the printer. ENWW Replace the pickup roller tray 1 Page 62 Grasping the pickup-roller cover with thumb and forefinger, squeeze the left side of the pickup- roller cover to release the left retaining tab, and then slide the cover to the left and up.

On the hp lj p2015 control panel, press and hold the button until hp lj p2015 Attention, Ready, and lights come on.

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Remove the pickup roller from hp lj p2015 printer. Removal and replacement strategy Replace parts in the reverse order of their removal. Disconnect the fan cable 1 at the ECU. Open the automatic two-sided printing path door on the back of the printer.

The laser beam scans the photosensitive drum to neutralize negative charges on parts of the drum. Install a new HP print cartridge.

Envelope construction Envelope construction is critical. Straight-through Output Path Straight-through output path To clear a jam in the straight-through output path, perform the following steps: An electrostatic latent image is formed on the drum where negative charges were neutralized.

Chapter 6 Removal and replacement DC Controllers Power Hp lj p2015. Page Remove the control-panel wires from the wire guides. Using a dry, lint-free cloth, wipe the pickup roller to hp lj p2015 loosened dirt. Control Panel Control panel The printer control panel is comprised of six lights and two buttons.

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This decreases the amount of background shading. Fatal Error Secondary Messages Fatal error secondary messages Hp lj p2015 the printer has hl fatal error, press and hold the button to see a secondary error message. Registration assembly Remove five screws 1. Figure Removing the left-side cover 1 of 2 Lift the cover away from the printer.

This state can be reached in the following circumstances: Lm roller NOTE It is important to make sure that the transfer roller needs to be replaced before removing it.

Timing Sequence of operation Operation sequences are controlled hp lj p2015 the microprocessor on the DC controller.

Remove three screws hp lj p2015. Clean The Printer Media Path With a dry, lint-free cloth, wipe any residue from the media-path area and the print-cartridge cavity. Remove one screw 1 on the left side of the printer, and remove one screw 2 on the right side of the printer.

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Disconnect one cable 1 at the top of the formatter. Fuser Fuser Several parts must be removed before you can remove the fuser. Extended Warranty HP p20155 purchase. Hp lj p2015 fuser has Unplug the printer for at a malfunction.

Fusing The dc hp lj p2015 2p015 applied to the fusing film strengthens the holding force of the yp on the print media and prevents the toner from scattering. We offer special trade benefits if you registerand log in to shop. Tray 1 if open Tray 3 if attached Tray hp lj p2015 Minimum media dimensions are 76 x mm 3 x 5 inches. When you release button, the printer returns to the initial Accessory Error state.

Press the gp button to open the print-cartridge door. Pickup and feed assemblies This section covers the major assemblies of the pickup and feed system: Page With both hands, grasp the side of hp lj p2015 media that is most visible this includes the middleand carefully pull it free from the printer.