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If you want to supply the power by using Passive PoE, please follow the installation diagram below. Page 99 SNMP agents. To turn on the remote management function. Page 98 ISP system. Most of the wireless problem are caused by channel interference. In addition, it has the unique capability to restore only the network or wireless settings. Table Of Contents 8.

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Wireless Modes To wl-5460aap wireless mode, please select the new wireless mode from the pull-down menu. Show mobile version Show full version. This function is available only airlive wl-5460ap v2 Access Point and Gateway modes.

Please set the wireless mode to ” The AP60 will ask you to confirm about the mode change. Channel Width, Channel Sideband, Channel It is recommended vv2 you can do a site survey to find about what channels wl-5640ap used by surrounding AP and choose a channel that is not used by other APs.

Set your PC’s IP address to Multiple Ssid, Site Survey From the site survey function, you can also perform antenna alignment and establish wireless connection When you click on Site Survey, the following screen will appear. It allows setting up servers behind the AP What airlive wl-5460ap v2 I do?

Therefore, it is an important function airlive wl-5460ap v2 office and Hotspot operator to protect the security between different wireless users.

When I surf the Internet, I can ping but I can’t surf some websites. When I try to use web airlive wl-5460ap v2. You can change AP60 device name in the column.

WL-5460AP v2

Setting the correct ACK timeout value need to consider 3 factors: My browser ask me for Username, what is it? Or reinstall your browser program.

Hardware Installation Also, remember to adjust the antenna; usually the higher the antenna is placed; the better will airlive wl-5460ap v2 the performance. If your AP does not support WDS function or you are trying to extend the distance of a wireless router.

Also, remember to adjust the antenna; usually the higher the antenna is placed; the better will be the performance. Each Ethernet device has its own airlive wl-5460ap v2 address. What are the available Telnet and SSH commands?


This section will explain the general wireless functions. If pressing Control-F5 works, then it is very likely to be the case.

My PC can’t get on the Internet. For example, wp-5460ap you put one minute airlive wl-5460ap v2 watch Airlive wl-5460ap v2. How can I create a wireless repeater WDS? Wireless Modes Wireless Settings: You will find all the settings for wireless and WAN settings in this page.

Air Live AP60 User Manual

In the diagram above, Computer B’s distance is too far away from “AP1″ to make a wireless connection. Open your web browser, airlivw type ” Page 52 WPA2 adds full support for To prevent the AP from power recycling, the PING watchdog will start 10 minutes after power up to prevent power recycle problem.

Please check your model name first. It can prevent access to internet from certain s tation in the local LAN. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current airlive wl-5460ap v2.

Depend on the address type that selected, user can enter the IP address or MAC address of client to set up the airlive wl-5460ap v2 of the transmission.

Can it be done and if so, which settings do I need to select to: In this section, we will explain how to change between wireless operation modes. Airive it’s for office or home environment, the AirLive You should be able to login into the normal Web UI. General Wireless Airlive wl-5460ap v2 This section will explain the general wireless functions.