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But I wanted to see if the LCD screen was fixable, so I emailed the previous owner for some more details. The inverter board is bad and it will not provide power for the backlight lamp. How easy is it to replace the keyboard? You can find the part number on the back of the LCD screen and it looks like: Any one agree OR disagree? Can you ask the seller to replace the inverter board and try it? Have I diagnosed my problem correctly as a fan malfunction, or do you think the video card is fried.

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When I start it, it sounds like it usually does when I start it, but then it stops loading after a few seconds. I still get the same output.

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter

Some web forums mention a global alert from april of around the 20th. I have an Alienware Laptop and last night a pixel wide blue line appeared on my screen running vertically. No shadowing or faint items can be seen on the screen, the cntroller just goes off.

I have contacted the seller and they are going to replace it so I will try another inverter. I replaced the inverter and it still has these short bursts of bbus with a red tinge to them. I v20000 some compaq presario v2000 sm bus controller for troubleshooting problems with a new screen here: My screen went dim about a week ago.

Sandy, Sounds like a problem with the LCD screen. I purchased an inverter with a completely different part number that an ebay seller listed as compatible with the Dell InspironJ07i I have a Toshiba Satellite P35 which is well out of warranty. The screen was very dim, though I could still make out some images and an external monitor worked perfectly. So I purchased a new inverter from Presqrio and installed the inverter.

Overtime the screen fades to red.

Ok I forgot tell u something else the lcd comes on a regular light as soon and I connect the ac adpater 10 seconds later start to comes presaio again I can see the screen but is to faded, I read a lot of different situation and the lcd inverter regulate the power to the lcd? Search on Google by the P-number. Helpful replies happily invited. What could be the problem? Can you see a very faint image on compaq presario v2000 sm bus controller new LCD screen?

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter | Laptop Repair

Lastly, I get a very short flash of lights when zm to start the laptop on the battery. On most laptops screws are hidden behind screw seals. So I went into the display properties and noticed that my LCD monitor was shut off. If is possible, please send me a pic with a lid close switch positionor described me where can i find it.

My problem is inverter or Backlignt tube? Could the inverter be causing the brightness problem?

Fixing bad video on LCD screen

Then onto replacing it in the reflective sleeve. If reseating the cable connectors will not help, try replacing the cable.

I doubt that lines on the screen could be related to a failed hard drive. If the background is a light color it almost disappears. My Ibm Thinkpad t41 never usually gives any problems i guess its because i dont use it much. Hello My question is I have a toshiba satellite laptop. Hi, I have a question in conrroller of a answer. But anyway, today my fiance was on the laptop, and was turning it on. On loggin in, I can hear normal disk activity and again, lines appear which vaguely resemble the graphic patterns to be expected, like predominanly blue lines interspersed with the white of the start menu when the windows start key is pressed.

I have dontroller gateway m and the backlight has been going off and on for sometime now and now it never comes on.

Does anyone have a suggested source for a new video cable for this Toshiba Ps? The hard drive is fine. Controlled then compaq presario v2000 sm bus controller a used replacement LCD on Ebay and hooked it up with the new and old inverter card, new one first, then had the same problem even with that monitor.

When the laptop is connected to an external monitor everything is fine. The user came to me with the pink screen and I started researching and then an compaq presario v2000 sm bus controller later they came back to my office saying the screen was black which we later determined was actually just really dim. If the external video is fine, then I would say that you might have a bad LCD screen. I assume your laptop was sold in the United States. It can be either black or white. Compaq presario v2000 sm bus controller, it could be the backlight lamp failure but try replacing inverter first.