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I have the same laptop and I have all drivers working except Sound. Not sure if refilling the battery is a good way to go, never done it before myself. This website is really helpfull. What could it be? From my experience, this is correct for most cases but not all of them. I am still awaiting the replacement inverter but i have found something interesting. Thanks too from me, I’m writing to you from my Gateway on XP that now works right

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If you take the dual boot route, make sure gateway mt3705 windows xp install XP before Vista, otherwise its a huge pain to fix the boot configuration. Display diagram What could be wrong? Thanks, first of gateway mt3705 windows xp for the excellent site and detailed instructions. Turn it on and nothing not light no screen!! Thanks for the very useful article. Hi, I have a Toshiba satelite Pro, it got dropped and cracked the screen.

Rubican, I was about to refer you to the Slickdeals discussion about this laptop, but then I saw you were already there: The inverter board is bad and it will not provide power for the backlight gateway mt3705 windows xp. You are absolutely right. Use the gateway mt3705 windows xp until it works, there is nothing you can do. After reading through this I was sure I had an inverter problem.

External monitor work perfectly ok.

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter

Screws location might be different but general disassembly steps will be the same. I am using the thinkpad A31 if that makes a difference. Do you know if the same video defect appears on the external screen? Any thoughts beyond replacing the back light?

Did you purchase the windws from a reliable source? Fortunately, you all pitched in and gave me gateway mt3705 windows xp good ideas and I finally figured out which manufacturer was using the exact chip in their aftermarket PCI-E wireless device and through process of elimination I was gafeway to find the right driver Resource requirements are ridiculous!

Similar problem to what alot of others have; no backlight. I already replaced the inverter, but now my screen is white all you can see is like a bright light, but any image. In most cases the windwos inverter is the culprit. Most likely software settings.

Help me Obi Wan. With some research on the web, I thought it was the FL inverter. At first the drivers were an issue, but I also had a fairly new MX that had alot of the same hardware, I found this out by comparing vista drivers for the and the ‘s at gateways site and when the vista drivers matched, I downloaded the XP drivers for the and applied them to the ‘s also did a lot of searching on intels site for gafeway correct drivers and also at realtek.

Zp, I put the computer back together and turned it on. After a short while 5 to 40 min the screen goes very dim as discribed. Could be bad inverter. Now the screen lights up for 1 jt3705 then go dark and stays dark until Gateway mt3705 windows xp power cycle the machine.

But, I heard a high gateway mt3705 windows xp squeal gateway mt3705 windows xp from the bottom of the monitor. After reading through all the posts here I guess my question is, even though it had the pink hue which points to a CCFL issue, since it now is very dim do you gateway mt3705 windows xp it is a CCFL issue or an inverter issue?

Could it be the mother board or the screen inverter? The laptop then worked perfectly again, with a bright screen.

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter | Laptop Repair

I would go with the inverter board first. First, it wouldn’t boot up telling I had no hard-drive Can this be fixed or do I need to replace the screen.

How easy is it to replace the gatewy In some cases this problem could be related to the backlight lamp CCFL bulbthe video cable, or even the motherboard. After a few days it went black, coming on for a few minutes and then back to DIM. What kind of problem you are experiencing with the battery? Thanks too from me, I’m writing to you from my Gateway on XP that now gateway mt3705 windows xp right You’all have fun now, ya hear! I am also having problem with laptopscreen.

If not, try replacing the harness.