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One addition I have: Please try again now or at a later time. After two hours, some progress has been made, but it’s still not yet done. View solution in context. Both work great with Palm Desktop on my Win7 Laptop!!

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Windows 7 bit hotsync to Tungsten E2. Thus you need to how know how to find it. I think my AddressDB file may contain some corruption, and so I don’t know whether or not the Address Book conduit will ever finish synchronizing.

Note on Windows 7 Palm Desktop compatibility.

Anything can go wrong. It works fine on bit computers. If you need more help If any of the above methods doesn’t work for you, please post a new question. Amazon Rdr Reviews Say: Click through palm tungsten e2 windows 7 64 bit computer file system to the place where you saved the downloaded drivers: I received an error message Vista64 that told me “The drivers were installed but the device couldn’t be opened.

Maybe try the Bluetooth method first. Download Fileman from Bit’s n Bolts Software. This was helpful 1. You have been really helpful: Should Tungwten uninstall it?

They don’t come any better.

Data-loss warning

Archived Topics Read Only. Note that the driver supports most Palm OS versions. I was wondering to finally get it all working after so many weeks. I am the webmaster for my community group, and I am often telling my group not to post email addresses or personal information.

The Aceeca link on your page is essentially correct, but only takes you to their “Technical Support” page. If you do this, then you can probably use Wi-Fi to sync.

Thank you for your cheery email, telling me of your happiness over the big success using my Posted instructions!!! After finding many sites that said it was hopeless, or suggested setting up virtual XP, Bluetooth, etc.

Thank You palm tungsten e2 windows 7 64 bit your Palm Desktop post ‘ From: I tried this link that was posted on HP Support Forums but is showed page can not be found. Now, use Ubuntu Software Center or another package-management tool to download the jpilot package.

The driver comes in a. My sources for this answer include part of a Wikipedia articleplus other sources. Windoes like finding any other lost file in your computer! But since tungste time Aceeca.

CNET’s forum on cell phones is the best source for help, troubleshooting tips, and buying advice from a community of experts. Check this box to confirm you are human.

Solved: Windows 7 bit hotsync to Tungsten E2 – HP Support Forum –

And it is a fact that the Win7 automatic hardware update choice, simply did not work for me. In setting up her laptop, I discovered that the Palm desktop didn’t work with bit Windows 7. You should get the idea, that this procedure is well worth the effort.

Thank you for your cheery email, Would you give me permission to post your email below, on this same “How To” page? They are a better person!!