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It is a mouse which has dominated the gaming market; it was afterall designed with feedback from over 5, gamers to help improve the ergonomics, technology, shape, hand grip, motion and playing style to produce what some people have called the perfect gaming mouse and even more impressively at a reasonable price. The user created profiles can then be saved into the Ikari’s built-in memory. The feature list is where things get very interesting. This laser is faster and more precise. By enabling FreeMove your mouse will move on the screen exactly as you move it on the surface. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Be Social with eTeknix.

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A niche capability but a cool one. SteelSeries likes to talk about their gear as if secrets of design have been passed down generation to generation. Steelsefies can select two sensitivities high, low in this way, and toggle between them with a button on the mouse. Cougar Steelseries ikari laser mouse Gaming Mouse. A few of the features that will likely appeal to both professional and recreational PC gamers alike are the Ikari’s high sample and CPI rates. Found a bad link?

Ergonomics, grip, and motion styles have been researched and tested extensively to achieve maximum comfort in mouse movement. To help support this, the Ikari laser features large glide surfaces for minimum friction between the mouse and surface.

The top finish is steelseries ikari laser mouse comfortable hard plastic while the sides have a slightly more rubberized feel. Development The unique form and shape of the Ikari Laser xteelseries took more than 15 months to perfect.

SteelSeries Ikari Laser Mouse Review

It may go without saying that in the realm steelseries ikari laser mouse PC gaming ijari in steelseries ikari laser mouse can make or break a player on the battlefield, but I’m going to say steelseries anyways. Although mouse weight is often a matter preference, it’s important that a product inspires a level of confidence in its durability and lifespan, which the Ikari unfortunately fails steelseries ikari laser mouse do.

SteelSeries FreeMove gives the user the option to remove interpolation of the mouse. The packaging is understated and clean, and highlights the main features of the Ikari on the front of box. One thing of note is that the cable sleeving adds rigidity and weight to the cable, which may interfere slightly with moving the mouse, since the mouse itself is exceptionally light.

We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. By enabling FreeMove your mouse will move on the screen exactly as you move it on the surface.

While most tout such grandiose claims, few actually live up to them. Introduction SteelSeries is mostly known for its gaming grade steelseries ikari laser mouse mats and headsets. A Closer Look 4. In layman’s terms, the Ikari features an extremely precise sensor that yields unprecedented accuracy and speed.

One notable design flaw is the absence of any finger indentation or curvature on the mouse’s primary buttons. January 16, at 2: Help us by reporting it.

Review: SteelSeries Ikari laser mouse

Size and Weight Weight: This is a winning feature especially if you attend LAN parties or use your mouse on different software and hardware platforms. The overall feel, construction and feature-set is all that you would come to expect from a gaming mouse.

Any decent cable management on the part of the user will eliminate steelseries ikari laser mouse problem, however.

The thumb buttons are very well-placed, although the sensitivity button is a bit out of the way, probably intentionally. The unique form and shape of the Ikari Laser mouse took more than 15 months to perfect. This steelseries ikari laser mouse would aid in those types of games. As a result, the Ikari lacks the specialized stwelseries of other mice.

Does it set the bar or fall incredibly short of it?

SteelSeries Ikari Laser Mouse – Techgage

Most laser mice need special drivers steelseries ikari laser mouse order to reach peak performance, however, that does not seem to be the case with the SteelSeries Ikari Laser mouse. With the built in LED display in the bottom of the Ikari Laser you are able to adjust your CPI anytime, anywhere — you are completely independent ioari software steelseries ikari laser mouse drivers. For instance, there are many games available where you need to be able to have fine control over the mouse to select or aim at a single unit but straight after would want to scroll across a large map quickly.